Post-Week 8 updates

Last week, Sky Time made a substantial step forward in getting our working clock-numbers to sync with moving hands of our clock.  We utilized an idea from our python group meeting in which we were advised to make individual images and draw them each to the screen when we needed to have them visible.

Currently, we are working on getting our clock hands working with alpha values to have our code be a little more elegant. 

ALSO! On a slightly more interesting note, a school in North Carolina has shown interest in the game we are developing for use in their classrooms!



Field Trips and Guest Speakers

This week in HFOSS, we’re going on a field trip to The University of Rochester for a Python user group meeting this tuesday evening, and having Walter Bender as a guest speaker on thursday!

Updates for what we learned since last time:

tkinter in python would be a great if we were making a GUI game, but the fact that we are making a game it would probably be best if we used pygame.

In finally finding pygame, and importing it correctly, I feel that I’m actually learning python successfully.  

Unfortunately we don’t have a completely working demo at this time because of learning beginner mistakes that caused us to restart more than once and enlist our TA’s help in trying to set up a correct IDE.

Now that we have our developers environment “IDLE” and the correct library “pygame”, we can finally start working on coding and developing our game. 

Continuing with Python

Since my last post, I’ve learned enough python to realize how frustrating it can actually be.  In getting page navigation to work, we came across a few bumps with how we want to display images with different types of navigation. PLUS, we just discovered that most of what our program does must involve “PIL”, which is the “Python Imaging Library”.  With this in mind, we are moving forward in learning python and implementing our understanding into our project.


ON ANOTHER NOTE! We have a distinguished guest coming into to speak to us next week! STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFORMATION!

Week 2: Sky Time

Something to note, I may have made a mistake in posting the correct feed to my blog and I believe I have fixed it.  In my previous post, I made mention that learning a new language with time constraints is rather stressful but I’m still at it.  Even with my coding background in  Actionscript, C++, C#, and html, Python is a completely different monster.

Starting Sky Time

Since last week the members of our class have started to work on our own respective projects in our FOSS class.  My team and I gave a short presentation on our game idea which was an educational game that taught students in the second grade to tell time.  Currently, we are each working on our respective tasks at our own pace and then coming together twice a week to see how everyone is progressing. The biggest challenge for me is that our project is coded in python, and I haven’t had any python experience until about a week ago when I began teaching myself.  It’s rather stressful learning a new language on my own because I have a pressing need for these skills that I must quickly develop.

FOSS and the Sugar Labs XO


Being currently enrolled in a Humanitarian Free and Open Source class at RIT, were working with ^ this little device. It’s called an ‘XO’ from Sugar Labs and it’s amazing.  

In our HFOSS class we’re asked to choose a project that we find interesting to work on for this class. I searched through through my XO trying to find games that appealed to me or seemed that they needed some extra work.  I didn’t find anything that caught my eye on my actual XO, so I went online and found two games that I would enjoy working on.

1. Fortune Hunter

2.Lemonade Stand

I believe that both of these games could use some new graphic work.  Fortune Hunter could definitely use some improvement in game mechanics and motivation, whereas Lemonade stand is perfect for adding some extra features to add depth to this already fantastic educational game.